Water… water…. everywhere ๐Ÿ’™

Young Living is one of the ONLY essential oil lines that is FDA approved to be consumed. That said, the vitality line *white labels* are totally safe to consume! So, add a few drops of your favorite vitality oil to your water and drink up! This is a great way to detox, hydrate or just enjoy a refreshing drink. Iโ€™m stocking up for the hot Florida summers!! #youngliving #oils #hydrate #water #healthy #florida #flavor

Whatโ€™s sleep?

We have been dealing with crib training and teething all week. All those mommas with teething babyโ€™s can relate. Copaiba is amazing with some coconut oil right on those rosy, sore cheeks, lavender to calm my little one, and stress relief for this tired and drained momma. Add a cup of coffee… and repeat. #teamnosleep #younglivingessentialoils #youngliving #teethingbaby #sleep #stressaway

Just Breathe.

Have you guys heard that song? It lights up my moments where I can just use the extra encouragement and leaves me with goosebumps at the complexity behind such a simple lyric.

It’s been a long week of teething, vaccines, moods, snuggles and sleepless nights. Holding my little bug close and kissing on her gives me all the feels these days. She’s growing so fast but learning mommy and daddy more and more! I have to remind myself she won’t be small forever. So sad!

With a grumpy baby and wild dog, I’ve been getting NOTHING done. Messy house? Yes… it’s no joke. I embrace it though and love on Kenzie even more. It means more time with the family… and let’s be honest… it’ll be a mess again tomorrow!

My all time favorite thing to do when I feel overwhelmed with toys, laundry, dishes, screaming and barking is to open up all the windows in the living room and hear the birds chirping, squirrels rustle in the leaves and feel the breeze flowing through the room.

If you know me, you know my love for music. I always have music playing in the background because, well, silence is my worst enemy sometimes. Can anyone relate?

I have been using stress relief in the diffuser and purification while I pick up after the family trail. So refreshing!

What. A. Week.

So not much got done, but I am savoring up the moments.

Christmas in a cup!

Just look at those smiles. That’s my pride and joy right there. Motivation to continue learning better alternatives and purging those chemicals!

This transition is not necessarily a piece of cake. Sure, I threw away our glades and stopped burning candles (Hardest. Thing. Ever.) but the key, I am learning, is consistency.

I am a very task oriented person. That said, routine is everything to me. The fact that I have been able to incorporate essential oils into my daily routine is pretty great.

Our family dynamic, like so many others, is that I pretty much run the house. I am so blessed to stay home with our daughter, Mackenzie. It’s so cool to be able to have confidence in knowing that I am doing something beneficial and healthy for my little one. You have no idea!

The other night we had our family time outside. The fire pit crackling, dog crunching on sticks, and those sweet baby coos. My heart is so full. I have such a beautiful life and family.

Last month we all got the nasty flu going around. It took a toll on us, for sure! My sponsor told me about this recipe with young living oils… game. Changer. Oh man, it’s like Christmas in a cup! My hubby and I sipped this immune supporting, throat calming, yumminess together while our little angel snored away in her swing. It was picturesque!

A mug of warm water with honey, lemon vitality, and thieves vitality. You will thank me later. So yummy and so so good for our attacked immune systems. Thieves is by far the favorite and most used oil in our household!

Week two… Young Living products are changing our lives. Still loving the process ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

The Journey Begins

It sounds cliche, but, I made the jump. The jump towards living a cleaner and healthier lifestyle for not only myself but my home and family. It isn’t an easy transition, but boy, is it necessary!

The hardest part is letting go of the products you are so accustomed to. Your favorite smelling candle? Chemicals. Your laundry detergent? Chemicals! I mean, you can list anything in my home… chemicals. Being completely honest, before having a baby, I didn’t bat an eye at what I put in my body or brought into our home. Glade plug- ins in every room, perfume, candles, pledge. The whole nine yards.

Six months ago, we became parents and I decided to exclusively breastfeed our little girl. Hands down best decision for us. We love the bond shared and the quiet time to snuggle up and rest. But then it dawned on me… I am pumping loads of unnecessary things through my milk to my little one! I want to give her a thriving and healthy start by eating better and eliminating the harsh chemicals and products in our home.

Sounds easy right? Wrong. I did not realize just how much “cleaning out” we needed to do. I mean, Ca-Ching Ca-Ching! It’s basically everything!

Then I learned it’s a process. A long, educational challenge for my family! To live the best version of ourselves and be mindful of our health and what we are consuming. It’s a commitment, it seems. But well worth it.

I recently got re-connected with someone from high school who made the decision with her family a few years back to be chemical free also. Let me tell you, it is amazing having someone to turn to and ask a billion questions to at any point in the day. I mean, it’s a bit overwhelming!

She introduced me to Young Living. Now, I am not on a blog trying to force these essential oils down your throat. I am genuinely grateful and impressed with what they have to offer both for my family’s health and business opportunities.

My starter kit came in the mail, and oh boy, it was like Christmas morning! They give you 11 oils, samples, and a diffuser with a guide on the oils sold through Young Living. I reached out to my sponsor and she walked me through the package and I eagerly began using them that very afternoon. Amazing!

The oils are fascinating to learn about. The fact that one oil can be used for so many different things is what got me hooked. I stayed up all night reading about oils and blending and the story behind the company. My mind was blown. I had to be a part of it!

So one week in, my home smells like a relaxing spa from our diffuser. My skin? Never looked better! Even with a baby on my hip and a bun on top of my head I feel refreshed and renewed. We are all sleeping better and counting down to our next Essential Oil massage, I mean does it get much better than that? A foot rub every night! I’m in!

So, needless to say, one week in… loving it and loving the benefits!!